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Omikron  Kappa Consulting S.A. (OK) is a specialized design and consulting company dedicated in the provision of design services for complex infrastructure and engineering projects, requiring overall design and project management, supervision, coordination design & consulting services. OK has internationally gained significant professional experience in the fields of tunnels (highway, railway, metro, hydraulic, mining), engineering geology, geotechnics, added value consulting & construction follow-up, technical support of State Authorities and Contractors, as well as, contract management and public procurement. OK is completely managed by the Board of Directors and is not relied on any construction, contracting or other interest, thus the designs and the provided services are distinguished by unexceptionable objectivity and fairness.


OK has participated in various infrastructure projects worldwide, in many and different countries such as UAE, Qatar, Bulgaria, India, Germany, FYROM, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Albania, Romania, Cyprus, Montenegro, Venezuela, Russia as well as, in major concession highway projects in Greece, working close together and "vis-à-vis" with world famous design and construction companies.


Whilst mainly focused on geological, geotechnical, hydraulic, structural, tunnelling and highway infrastructure projects OK, has diversified to becoming a multidisciplinary design and consulting company.


OMIKRON KAPPA CONSULTING S.A. (OK) since 1996 offers an expanded portfolio of professional services thus holds a long record and has a well-established renown when it comes to engineering, consulting and design services. OK has undertaken and successfully carried out more than 200 in assignments, in more than 12 countries.


This in-depth experience, allied with the ability to keep abreast of advanced technology and the emerging needs of a rapidly changing world, enables OK to offer a unique range of consultancy and design services to meet specific project and clients requirements, matched with a strong un-negotiable company commitment to provide quality services and tailor made sustainable solutions.


OK's specialized services consist of:


Geotechnical and geological designs for retaining walls, reinforced embankments, MSEW, tunnels, deep cuts, hydraulic works, dams, mining projects.


Tunnel design and underground works for highway, railway and hydraulic projects etc.


Cuts, embankments, deep foundations and retaining walls designs for highway and railway projects etc.


Structural designs (tunnels, culverts, underpasses, overpasses, viaducts, bridges).


Mining Engineering. Feasibility and detailed mining engineering design for open pits or underground mines, access and development adits, shafts, declines or ramps. Ground control studies, safety plans, mine layout optimization, mining method selection, mine systems analysis.


Environmental Designs. Design of tailings management facilities, rehabilitation of old quarries and abandoned pits, mine closure design, subsidence design, environmental impact assessment studies.


Construction Supervision. Rock/soil excavations monitoring and follow up, field changes due to worksite requirements, as built documentation, value engineering consulting during construction, safety audits, designer on site services.


Specialized Design Consultancy. OK provided know-how advice and systematic technical support for the development of new projects, as well as, technical assistance in the fields of design management and administration of complicated multi design tasks.


Procurement. OK covers the entire procurement process (elaboration of tender documents, BoQ's etc.)


OMIKRON KAPPA CONSULTING S.A. maintains close cooperation with renown international design and consulting services (i.e. Germany, India) in the fields of civil engineering, industrial development and construction, hydraulic engineering and in the fields of project management.


Collaborating companies are:

  • EDR GmbH, CODEMA GmbH, Ingenieurburo WINKLER UND PARNET GmbH, EDR Software GmbH, Germany.

  • INDUS CONSULTRANS Pvt. Ltd., India.




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