Experienced Executive Secretary QuestMay 2017

Experienced Engineer (MSc/BSc) / Draftsman Quest

Engineers Quest for infrastructure, metro and highway projects in India

Experienced Engineers Quest for a Metro project in Doha, Qatar





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Omikron  Kappa Consulting S.A. is a specialized design and consulting company dedicated in the provision of design services for complex infrastructure and engineering projects, requiring overall design and project management, supervision, coordination design & consulting services. OK has internationally gained significant professional experience in the fields of tunnels (highway, rail, metro, hydraulic, mining), engineering geology, geotechnics, added value consulting & construction follow-up, technical support of State Authorities and Contractors, as well as, contract management and public procurement. OK is completely managed by the Board of Directors and is not relied on any construction, contracting or other interest, thus the designs and the provided services are distinguished by unexceptionable objectivity and fairness.


OK has participated in various infrastructure projects worldwide, in many and different countries such as UAE, Qatar, Bulgaria, India, Germany, FYROM, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Albania, Romania, Cyprus, Montenegro, Venezuela, Russia, as well as, in all major concession highway projects in Greece, working close together and “vis-à-vis” with world famous design and construction companies.




Geotechnical and geological designs Tunnel designs and underground works   

Cuts, embankments, deep foundations and retaining walls designs

 Structural designs

 Mining Engineering

  Environmental  designs

Construction supervision

Specialized design consultancy




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